Melting Leopard Cleansing Balm


This was our most successful new product launch ever… now renamed and updated to be even better!

Try this multi-purpose face-care product.

A new trend in artisanal face care… this product melts on contact, and self-emulsifies when mixed with water.  It’s waterless, so it’s concentrated, resists spilling, and it’s vegan, all natural and preservative-free.

How to use: massage a pea-sized portion on your face, paying attention to removing any make-up. Splash water on the face and massage again to make the product more creamy. Splash and massage a second time. Remove with cheese cloth, a damp washcloth or a tissue.

Here’s where the product really stands out… when you’ve dried your face, you’ll notice that your skin is slightly tighter… and wonderfully soft! That softness lasts for hours, and the effect is cumulative, so keep using this product!

If you are prone to avoid facial products, this may be the single best product to use, as it cleans and moisturizes. Manuka honey is renowned for its healing and soothing qualities and it is especially effective at healing acne and skin irritations.

Packaged as 1 ounce/ 30 grams.  This will last for several months.



ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, camellia oil, kpangnan butter, manuka honey, mango butter, kokum butter, cetearyl alcohol,  orange peel oil, orange peel wax, hydrogenated non-gmo soybean oil, soy lecithin, vitamin E, cetearyl glucoside, grapefruit essential oil.

100% naturally derived ingredients, preservative-free.

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Weight 4 oz