Indian Summer Handmade Soap


SCENT: LIGHT FLORAL WITH A HAY-LIKE TONE (think late summer grasses)

fragrance oil

Color: tan with rust-red swirls

The sun desperately warms the shorter days while the blossom’s scent clings tenaciously in the air. The sweet drying prairie grass assures us that winter is approaching. Don’t let a dry environment damage your skin! This soap is lovingly made with Shea Butter, Silk Fibers, Rice Bran Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and incredible Babassu Oil for a fabulous moisturizing soap to use year round and for all but the oiliest of skin types.


This is a consistently popular fragrance, but it does not play well when we make soap! We were even thinking of discontinuing it, but we persisted in looking for a different supplier for the fragrance… so the good news is that we found an alternative that smells also the same, and is much easier to soap! Thanks for your support!



Indian Summer Handmade Soap is lovingly hand made with rice bran oil, palm kernel oil, rooibos infusion in distilled water, sodium hydroxide,* palm oil,fragrance, castor oil, shea butter, babassu oil, sodium lactate, red oxide, rosemary extract, tussah silk.

* Neutralized by saponification.  Approx 4.25 oz/ 120 grams

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Weight 6 oz