Chocolate Lust Healing Lip Balm


Now you can have chocolate anytime without the guilt! High in anti-oxidants and Magnesium, our smoocheroonie lipbalm contains 20 % Ghiradelli chocolate and another 11 % virgin cocoa butter, as well as 23% shea butter, to help moisten your lips. Vegan.

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Contains: shea butter, Ghiradelli 60% Cacao semi-sweet chocolate, castor oil, candelillia wax, virgin cocoa butter, avocado oil, virgin olive oil infused with comfrey, marshmallow root, calendula, chamomile & plantain; tamanu oil, pumkin seed oil, orchid extract in fractionated coconut oil, cocoa absolute, vitamin E acetate, chocolate flavor. 0.25 oz/ 7 grams compostable container

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Weight 2 oz