Biscochitos Handmade Soap


SCENT: cinnamon & anise

essential oils

Color: cream

The traditional Christmas cookies of New Mexico, Biscochitos, contain lots of spicy cinnamon and anise. Now you can enjoy this refreshing scent all year long in our tribute soap. We added Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut oils for gentle moisturizing.

This soap replaces our old Mystic Traveller, which was Lavender and Anise.


ingredients: coconut oil, distilled water, rice bran oil, sunflower seed oil, sodium hydroxide,* macadamia nut oil,  shea butter, castor oil, cinnamon and anise essential oils, babassu oil, sea salt, tussah silk, ground cinnamon. *Neutralized by saponification.

Ave wt: 4.25 oz./120  grams

Additional information

Weight 6 oz