Liquid, Gels and Cream Soap

Hand Made Liquid Soap, Shower Gels and Cream Soaps

Liquid Soaps

Our liquid soaps are a step above other liquid soaps, again, because we use premium ingredients. While not as moisturizing as our bar soaps, our liquid soap cleans effectively without drying out the skin. The container aspect of this product makes it more appropriate for use in public areas or where short-term use is anticipated, as in a hotel or bed-and-breakfast situation. Also, containers can be refilled, so that less product is wasted.

Shower Gels and Hair Care

Shower gels make up about a third of the ‘soap market,’ so we decided that we could offer a better alternative for those of you who want a good-for-you moisturizing product in a liquid form. Our shower gels are made up of very gentle plant-based surfactants blended with lots of proteins and skin healing extracts, just like we do with our lotions and creams. Because these are not soap based, the pH is lower, and we can add more delicate ingredients. The different formulation of these gels, allows us to make them more moisturizing than our liquid soaps, so they make a fabulous alternative to our rich bar soaps for those of you who prefer a liquid either in the shower or at the sink.

In addition to a moisturizing shower gel, we offer a 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/shower gel for those people who want an all-in-one product.

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  • 10 oz jars of Sugar Scrub Soap

    Sugar Scrub Soap

  • Our shower gel cleans gently, leaving your skin smooth and soft

    Moisturizing Shower Gel

  • 9 fluid ounces of concentrated liquid soap

    Concentrated Premium Liquid Soap

  • Hand Made liquid soap w\in a special dispensing bottle

    Premium Liquid Soap Foam

  • Vanilla Fig Bar Soap

    Vanilla-Fig Handmade Soap