Natural Herbal Hair Care

Soap is not your hair’s friend! Why? Because real soap has a high pH and hair has a very low pH; lower still if it has been chemically treated. Wash long hair with soap, and you will get seriously unmanageable hair with a nasty build up. An acid rinse of vinegar or lemon juice can fix the problem, but its not all that pleasant to do on a regular basis. Take it from us, anyone who sells soap-based ‘Shampoo Bars’ or other soap products for the hair, doesn’t use them on long hair!
Hair needs a specially lowered pH cleanser to work well. Shampoos and Conditioners are emulsions (mixtures of both oil and water based ingredients), so they require some form of preservation to be safe.

We use extra-mild surfactant systems for our shampoos, and we add herbal extracts and moisturizers, so that you can experience the same rejuvenating qualities that you are used to in our soaps and lotions.

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  • Hair Repair Deep Conditioner

  • Hair Bliss Conditioner, 8 oz- White bottle,silver pump

    Hair Bliss Daily Conditioner

  • Dry Hair Condibar

    Dry Hair Condibar

  • Dry Hair Shambar

    Dry Hair Shambar

  • Hair Bliss Shampoo, 8 oz., white bottle, silver pump

    Hair Bliss Moisturizing Shampoo

  • All-in-one Shampoo & Body Bar