Body Care

A healthy body starts from the inside: with healthy eating habits, exercise, stress control… and a mission in life. We talk about some of these subjects in our blog.

When it comes to what you put on your body, it comes down to quality ingredients. The price or the store, don’t necessarily indicate quality, as there are plenty of department store brands out there that are very expensive… because they can be. The converse is definitely true however: cheap (as in discount store products) almost always equate to inferior ingredients.

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself how ‘natural’ you want to go, and start reading labels. We pick the oils we use because of their special qualities. Many of these ingredients are not available in organic versions, so we have chosen not to highlight organic ingredients. Most oils come from seeds and nuts, which have their own protective cover, so organic versions don’t provide much advantage. When it comes to raw herbs, we always go with organic sources. As for essential oils, again, the selection of organic oils is limited, and we want the oils for their beneficial properties. We feel that mixing organic ingredients with non-organic, defeats the purpose, so we simply don’t emphasize ‘organic.’

We use ecocert internationally accepted preservatives in all our emulsions (creams, lotions, shampoos, etc.) Natural-based preservation systems are not as effective, so shelf lives are somewhat limited, but most of our customers have requested a non-paraben and non-formaldehyde-donor preservative. You can increase the durability of your purchases by keeping them in cool conditions and away from wide variations in heat.