We hope you all are having a fantastic day!  Its spring-like in Taos, so its nice just to get outside and soak up some sun and get a warm Vitamin D fix.  Have we said thank you to you lately?  Without you, we couldn’t exist!  Your patronage and ideas keep enable us to keep making great body care products… so thank you so very much!!!

We love our customers!

Valentines Day 2015



We have a HUGE ASK of you… We are competing in this year’s Fedex small business grant. It’s a popularity contest, so the more entries we get the better, so if you would like to really help us out, please vote for us, ask your friends to vote for us and share.

From now until March 17th, you and your friends can vote once a day using your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Winning this award will enable us to finance the development of our Medicated Goo Healing Salve for mass distribution!!!

Could you imagine select Blue Feather products available in stores across the country?  It’s a big dream and your vote can help make it possible! Just click on the badge that says “vote for Blue Feather,” and that should take you to the correct page.

Thank you so much!