About Our Team

We love what we do

We wouldn’t be here without the growing and continued support of all of our loyal customers!

You are looking quality healthy body products and you are tired of being treated as though you are anonymous and unimportant. You want to talk to a live human being and you want individual care and customer service.  If you have an idea or a concern, you want us to listen, and we do. In fact, many of our products and design ideas have come about because of requests from people like you!

Every day, we strive to do our best and spend quality time with each and every one of you who calls, emails or comes into our store.

Kodi dog


Official Greater and Morale Supervisor  If you’ve ever stepped into our store in Taos, you’ve most likely met Kodi. Kodi is the official greater and she takes her job seriously, as she tries to say Hello to everyone who walks in the door and make them feel welcome!

Gillian Fryer (Jill)

Gillian Fryer

President, Wearer of many hats, Chief Alchemist

Gill loves to create things…she’s always dabbled in making things.. so that is the alchemist part.  She comes up with an idea, or we get a request, and then she researches and experiments. Then we test on ourselves and friends, and then comes putting the idea into production.  Somewhere along the line it has to get put into our website and promoted.  That’s a lot of hats to wear and only one head. But its a LOT of fun, and she gets to meet a lot of fabulous people!

Gill’s vision is that we need to slow down and enjoy life’s everyday pleasures more in a way that is as healthy as possible.  Every time you use a particular soap, you are imprinting the experience onto your brain.  Eventually, just smelling that soap will mentally transport you back to the retreat of your steamy soothing shower!  Its one of the best ways to beat stress and enjoy every day a little more!

Dan Bradford

Dan Bradford

Vice President. Heavy Lifting, Shrink wrap specialist

Dan takes most of the pretty pictures you see on our products and he also makes sure that the Internet World knows about what we are doing.  He is also a master at getting your soap properly aged, as the cutting and drying varies and is critical. And of course, he makes sure our offices are nice and warm!

How to find us

Are you visiting Taos, NM?  Drop into our little store to see the entire product line.  

1 Cielo Dulce Rd, EL Prado.  We are on Hwy 64 West, on the road towards the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, a little less than 2 miles after the intersection with 64, 150 and 522.  

Hours: 11 AM to about sunset, most days. 

See you here!

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