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2/20/18:  Most soaps are in stock now!  We still need to make Gentle River Wash, Maiden Castille, and Orange Pomander.  Please let us know if you want something specific as we may be able to move the schedule around. We are updated ALL of our labels and packaging, so look for major changes coming soon!


You can find our soaps here: https://bluefeathersoap.com/hand-made-soap/


Nice items to go with our soaps include our soap decks and ramie soap bags, which you can find here: https://bluefeathersoap.com/product-category/accessories/


Fabulous lotions and creams can be found here under bodycare: https://bluefeathersoap.com/product-category/body-care/moisturizers


If you want something specific and you cannot find it, please just drop us an email.  Thanks so much


Black Magic toothpaste in our mylar squeeze tube.

Try our soap-based charcoal toothpaste! It is getting rave reviews from our testers. Coming soon: totally recyclable bamboo toothbrushes and a special deal on a combo pack with our toothpaste!


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